BlackVue DR590

Powerful and stealthy the BlackVue DR590 offers full HD and 60FPS compared to the standard 30FPS, making sure you don’t miss any small details even when going at speed. Built in WiFi means you can connect it to your phone to view, save and send any footage instantly. You can purchase an external GPS receiver for speed and location data alongside your videos. Parking mode is available with the purchase of additional accessories. Please contact us to discuss the different options for any additional accessories. 

Product specification

Secondary camera



110 x 34 x 34mm


Full HD 1080p 

Screen size

No screen

Viewing angle


Optional (additional purchase)

Parking mode

Motion detection

When parking mode included

Impact detection



Optional (additional purchase)

Speed camera alert


Memory capacity

Micro SD 16GB included (128GB max)

Mobile app

Yes (Android & iOS)


Audio recording, event file protection

BlackVue DR590

Forward facing

£150 + £50

Price for supply + installation

For more information see our

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