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Dash cameras

Why get a dash cam?

Some insurance companies will offer a discount to your insurance if you have a dash cam installed. Dash cams are also undisputable evidence in the case of a car accident, whether you are involved or you are a witness. 

How long does it take to get a dash cam installed?

It usually takes between one-two hours however this can vary depending on your vehicle and the camera you have chosen. Contact us and we will be able to give you a more accurate time.

What happens when my memory card gets full?

When the memory card becomes full the dash cam automatically records over the oldest files first, this continues in a loop, called loop recording.

How long do the cameras record for?

This varies depending on factors such as memory card size, video quality and whether it is a 1 or 2 channel camera. A 8GB memory card lasts on average 1-2 hours. The cameras then begin to loop record. Don’t worry if this isn’t long enough, the cameras we offer take higher capacity memory cards so they can be upgraded.

Can you fit a camera I've already bought?

Yes, we will fit any dash cam that you buy elsewhere. We will offer a warranty on the installation but as the camera will not be tested by us, we cannot offer a guarantee on the product.

What if you damage my vehicle?

We have years of experience in the industry working with all types of vehicles and we take extreme care when working on your car. For extra precautions we will record a video of the interior and exterior of your car before we start work and after we have finished the job. This will show both parties whether damage has appeared since we worked on your vehicle. In the unlikely event we accidentally damage your vehicle, we will cover the costs to repair the damage. Please see our T&Cs for more detailed information about our damage procedure.

Can the camera be easily removed?

Certain cameras are designed to be left on the windscreen as they are so discreet they can hardly be seen (and so motion and impact detection can work when the vehicle is parked) whilst others have removable brackets or suction cups so you can take off the camera easily. The cables will be discreetly hardwired into the vehicle behind the panels so they can not be easily removed. We recommend that the cables should be removed by a professional. Please get in touch if you’d like your dash cam removed or changed to another vehicle. 

Will the screen always be on?

No, screens normally turn off within one minute of starting the engine.


Vehicle GPS trackers

Why get a tracker?

A tracker can help locate a vehicle in the event of it being stolen. As our trackers work even when the car ignition is off, it gives you an extra bit of hope to get your vehicle back.

How much and how often will I need to top up?

We provide a pay as you go sim that you can top up as and when required. As we hope you will only need to locate your vehicle if it is stolen, the credit on the sim will last a reasonably long time.


Windscreen repairs

Why get my chip repaired?

When you have a chip in your windscreen, you should have it assessed as quickly as possible to prevent the damage from becoming unrepairable. Chips can lead to cracks which means a replacement windscreen at a significantly higher cost. Dependant on the area of the damage, it could also lead to an MOT failure.

Will it affect my no claims bonus?

Your insurance company will not be informed, so it will not affect your no claims bonus or anything else regarding your insurance policy.

How long does it take to get the windscreen repaired?

It will take around half an hour.

Can I drive my car straight away?

Yes, you can drive as soon as the work is complete, we use a UV light to set our work immediately.

Will I still see the damage after its been repaired?

As with all windscreen company’s the chip will not totally disappear, it depends a lot on the type of damage as every chip is different it’s hard to say. We will bring the original strength of the windscreen back but there will always be at least a small mark, we often compare it to a broken mirror, you could bond a broken mirror back together to it's original strength, but you will always see a mark from where it was once damaged.  


What is the guarantee policy?

If the chip cracks or splits further as long as you still own the vehicle then you get a full refund. See our T&C’s page for more detailed info.