Terms & Conditions

Please read these T&Cs before we attend your appointment to work on your vehicle.


“You” and “you’re” refer to yourself as the customer of DriveSmart Solutions. 

“We” and “us” refers to DriveSmart Solutions as a company. 

“Main dealership” and “main dealer” refers to the manufacturer of your vehicle.

“Job” refers to the whole service you have requested, including but not limited to the product purchased from us. 

“Defect/problem” refers to any issue that could happen because of a job we have performed.


1. Warranty

In addition to statutory consumer rights, we also agree to correct any defect/problem caused by faulty workmanship free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle. However, the following terms and conditions should be read and understood:

(i) The defect/problem must be reported while you are still the owner/main driver of the vehicle. 

(ii) You must take all reasonable precautions to minimise damage. This warranty does not cover any damage caused after you have discovered the defect/problem.

(ii) You must arrange for the defect/problem to be inspected by DriveSmart as soon as reasonably possible. 

(iii) You understand we will not pay for work carried out to attempt to repair the defect/problem without our prior written authorisation. This includes work to repair the damage caused by issues which could have arisen because of the original defect. If any work is carried out before the issue is reported to us we will accept no liability whatsoever.

(iv) The warranty procedure is as follows;

  • A DriveSmart technician will attempt to repair the defect

  • If this is not possible a mobile mechanic of DriveSmart’s choice will be employed to inspect and attempt to repair the vehicle

  • Any recommendations made by the DriveSmart appointed mechanic will be followed up before proceeding to the next stage 

  • If for whatever reason our mechanic is unable to resolve the problem and has not recommended a solution, then DriveSmart would be happy to agree with you to use a mechanic of your choice

  • If an agreement cannot be reached between yourself and DriveSmart, then the vehicle must go to the main dealership, in which event you must allow DriveSmart full access to any information from the vehicle manufacturer. 

Please note it is extremely unlikely that DriveSmart will disagree with you regarding a mechanic of your choice, but we want to ensure the work is carried by an independent and reputable garage at reasonable cost.

(v) In the rare event there is a dispute between you and DriveSmart over the cause of the defect/problem, you agree that you will obtain and cover the cost for a report from a main franchise dealership. Both parties will accept the report as conclusive. Any further dispute will be resolved by a second report, from another main franchise dealership. If the report concludes that the damage/defect is caused by our workmanship, then under normal circumstances we would accept all liability and cover the cost of the original damage/defect plus the cost of the report from the main dealership. We will not cover any other expenses such as days missed from work or the expenses of traveling to and from the main dealership for the report to be carried out.

You agree if the franchise’ report concludes we are responsible for any damages or defects we would begin to follow the warranty procedure set out in 1. (iv).  Please note this is valid for the camera supply and installation and the tracker supply and installation service. Our Windscreen repair policy is different and given below.

(vi) DriveSmart will record a video of your vehicle before any work is carried out and another when the job has been completed. We will not cover any damage/problems or issues that were already present before any work was carried out on your vehicle by DriveSmart. The video is not exhaustive and you understand that not all prior damage will be visible in the video.

(vii) All defects/problems/issues must be reported within a reasonable time frame. 

(viii) We warranty our products for a minimum 1 year and our workmanship for the length of time you are the main driver/ owner of the vehicle. We will replace the product as many times as necessary within 1 year of purchase in accordance with the Terms and Conditions above. We will continue to fix any issues related to our workmanship for the lifetime of the product (providing you’re still the main driver/owner). 

(ix) For any warranty/guarantee to be valid you must have paid DriveSmart Solutions Limited in full for the original services OR you must allow reasonable access to your vehicle to retrieve a product that has not been paid for. 

(x) In extreme circumstances the cost of DriveSmart repairing your vehicle is most likely going to exceed the amount paid for the original job. In this event, you agree that when we accept fault our total liability to you due to workmanship or issues arising from the job will be limited to and not exceed to the total book value of your vehicle. We will cover the repair costs to the vehicle only. Without prior approval we will not reimburse or compensate for things such as car hire, loss of income, loss of business, loss of profits, taxi’s or travel expenses etc... 



2. Payments

“Job” refers to the whole service you have requested including but not limited to the product purchased from us. 

2.1     Timings

(i) You agree you are responsible for payments immediately after the job has been completed to your satisfaction. Should you have any complaints or not wish to pay for the job then you must allow our technician to remove the product from the vehicle. Failure to pay for the job or allow us to remove the device from the vehicle will negate our normal warranty and product guarantees. DriveSmart also reserves the right to recover costs through County Court or third-party debt recovery agency. With glass repairs, payments must be made immediately unless the windscreen hasbeen further damaged. Please see 3.(i), 3.(ii) and 3.(iii) for further details. 

(ii) If you need to cancel an appointment, we would appreciate being informed as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours in advance, in which case you will receive a full refund of any deposit paid. In the event we are not given 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, we reserve all rights to keep any monies paid to us and/or to recover payment of a £35.00 appointment fee or the quoted cost of the job, whichever is least. 


3.  Glass repairs 

3.1     Aesthetic factors

(i) Usually once repaired the chips fade, sometimes becoming almost invisible, but the main purpose of the repair is to strengthen the windscreen and ensure its structural integrity, rather than purely aesthetic. In line with other companies, we guarantee to make the windscreen safe and strong, but cannot guarantee the chip will not be visible. Additionally we guarantee the repaired chip will not get any larger or cause further windscreen damage. Our technician will note the measurements of the affected area after carrying out the repair, including the dimensions of the repaired chip. If the repaired area gets any worse or larger then we will inspect the vehicle and provide a full refund if it’s found the repair has failed. This is valid for as long as you own or are the main driver/keeper of the vehicle.

3.2    Risk factors

(ii) We use some of the latest equipment in glass repair technology from industry leaders. However, we are attempting to repair what is essentially a sheet of damaged glass, which carries an inherent risk, albeit a very small risk, that the glass could crack further which would render the windscreen unrepairable. In most cases the glass isn’t damaged beyond repair, but this remains a possibility. Unfortunately this may not be discovered until the repair has begun due to the nature of the repair itself, which includes drilling a small hole in the damaged area and the need to heat the area and apply pressure to inject the repair resin. Naturally this work creates additional stress on the windscreen, which in extreme cases will cause it to crack. For these reasons we cannot guarantee the repair will work. This would not be through any fault of our technician or workmanship. Under these circumstances, you would not be charged for any work we have carried out and we can advise you of the next best steps to take. We cannot accept any liability for further windscreen damage (other than that caused through our own negligence).

(iii) With the above in mind, by agreeing for us to carry out a glass repair you also agree to pay immediately after the job is completed regardless of the visibility risks described in (i) above. Any questions over workmanship will be resolved by getting a second opinion and report from another impartial glass repair company. This would be at your expense, but would of course be refunded if the report found that we had not carried out our job properly. We are so confident this would never happen that we will give you £100 if it ever did. 

3.3    Payments

(iv) We repair up to two chips on one vehicle for £25.00, but we will repair up to three chips on different vehicles for £35.00, providing all vehicles are at the same place at the same time. It is at our complete discretion when the 20% discount is applied. 

3.4    MOT

(v) As we are not qualified MOT testers we can not guarantee your car will pass it’s MOT when the chip is repaired, we advise you find this information out before getting the repair to avoid disappointment. Refunds will not be given in the event your car fails it’s MOT due to our repaired chip.


4.  Services 

(i) We aim to perform a professional and reliable service at a time and location to suit you.  However on rare occasions we may need to change the appointment time or date. We reserve this right and will aim to inform you as soon as reasonably practical. In this event we will not be liable for any loss of your income or other costs. 

(ii) DriveSmart has the right to refuse to accept work or cancel work for any reason we see fit. This would only apply in situations where there had been past disputes, payment issues or the vehicle is in a location that could be a health and safety risk. 

4.1     Weather or other factors beyond our control

(i). As much of our work is done outside, when weather conditions dictate that it’s not safe to proceed with the work or the work cannot be carried out to the required standard, then DriveSmart has the right to rebook the appointment. You will be given as much notice as possible of any cancellation. DriveSmart staff will always do what they can to make rebooking as convenient as possible for you, we even work evenings, weekends and bank holidays. 

(ii). We cannot guarantee that our trackers will get your vehicle back or even help towards getting it back. However, based on the balance of probabilities it will give you a far greater chance of recovering the vehicle than not having it at all We cannot accept any liability if the product does not work when the vehicle is stolen as there remains a possibility that thieves will use radio signal jammers and other electronic devices.